The Chile Real Estate Wire is an alert service for new infrastructure projects, undervalued properties, and "off the record" real estate market analysis in Chile's central regions. A subscription includes weekly Real Estate Wires sent in PDF formatwebsite membership with access to all past editions, advanced notice on all of our events, as well as other freebies throughout the year. The Real Estate Wires are sent out by email (day of the week of delivery varies as we come across new properties) but you'll receive a minimum of one per we

If you've looked at many rural properties for sale here in Chile or else where around the world, you probably know that it can be a time consuming and costly affair. Seeing just a couple rural properties, whether they be ocean view lots, farm parcels, or mountain cabins, can easily cost a couple hundred dollars after you add up all the associated costs (fuel, vehicle, tolls, etc). The Chile Real Estate Wire helps separate the wheat from the chaff without having to spend hundreds of hours every year trying to hunt down undervalued property.

In order to keep the areas we cover in the Wires from getting overrun, we maintain a very strict maximum number of members and are currently not receiving any new subscribers.

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